Colorado wildflowers



Calypso Cascades
Rocky Mountain National Park

June, 2006

Wildflowers found on this hike

Precarious perch

A hike along a stream to a view of the cascades. The stream cascades over rocks and obstacles almost the whole way up to the Calypso Cascades. You know you are approaching the cascades when you the cold wind hits you in the face. The cascades are worth the walk. My pictures don't do them justice. This hike is about white water views, not mountain views, and not a great wildflower hike. The cascades were named for the calypso orchids that are supposed to grow along the stream. I did not see any.

Calypso CascadesCalypso Cascades
Blue jayOuzel Falls
Ouzel FallsOuzel Falls
Steps in the pathstream at Calypso Cascades
stream at Calypso Cascadesstream at Calypso Cascades
white water
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