Colorado wildflowers



Rotary Park
Horsetooth Reservoir

May, 2007

Wildflowers found on this hike

bouldering at Rotary Park

Rotary Park is a small park perched on the ridge by Horsetooth Reservoir. The park stretches from the road down the steep slope to the shore of the reservoir. There are paths from the parking lot down to the shoreline, switchbacking both to control steepness and to pass by the many large boulders dotting the slope, but there are not really hiking trails. The students at CSU go bouldering on the isolated boulders and cliffs, some going so far as to carry crash pads out for the more challenging climbs. There are beautiful views of the reservoir and the boats which speed from one end to the other constantly.

Horsetooth Reservoircliffs
the shoreline of Horsetooth Reservoirspeedboats on Horsetooth Reservoir
A boulderHorsetooth Reservoir
trees by Horsetooth Reservoirbouldering at Rotary Park
Horsetooth Reservoir
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