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Rifle Falls
Rifle Falls State Park

May, 2007

Wildflowers found on this hike

Rifle Falls

We finally made it over the mountains! Rifle Falls State Park is a tiny park with beautiful waterfalls. The falls themselves are situated at the end of the picnic grounds, no trail necessary. They are beautiful falls, worth driving for. There is a trail to the top of the falls, that has great views of the valley. There is also a trail along an irrigation ditch to the end of the campground, far prettier than it sounds. The trails together take less than two hours with frequent photography breaks. The falls are the focus of the park, and they are gorgeous.

Behind Rifle FallsRifle Falls
Caves at Rifle FallsCaves at Rifle Falls
CliffsRifle Falls
Grasses at the base of the fallsFlowers in the rocks
Base of the fallsRifle Falls
Rifle Fallsrivulet
valley view
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