Colorado wildflowers



West Pawnee Butte
Pawnee National Grassland

June, 2007

Elevation: 5,200 to 5,420 ft

Wildflowers found on this hike

East Pawnee Butte

The Pawnee Butte trail winds through the short-grass prairie to the landmark West Pawnee Butte. It starts out in a cow pasture, then winds down through gullies beside white chalk cliffs. We saw many different bird species, including hawks and lark buntings. We also saw several short-horned lizards and pronghorns. We got pictures of the lizards, but the pictures of the pronghorns all showed their rumps as they disappeared over a rise.

Pawnee ButtesPawnee grasslands
short-horned lizardpronghorn
GullyPawnee Buttes trail
Pawnee ButtesPawnee Buttes
yucca in front of Pawnee cliffsPawnee West Butte
Pawnee Buttes trail
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