Colorado wildflowers



Beaver Brook

June, 2007

Elevation: 7200 ft to 7400 ft

Wildflowers found on this hike


This hike starts out following the Stapleton Nature Trail, featuring braille explanations. The braille signs are repeated in normal lettering for those of us who never learned braille. At about the halfway point of the 0.6 mile loop trail, a few more traditional trails branch off. One is an overgrown trail following closely along the banks of a brook. Before the trail peters out completely, it passes by some beautiful cascades lined with columbine. The other trail is better marked and traveled. It follows the stream in the other direction, but from more of a distance. This trail wanders through pine woods and meadows and up and down the slopes. I don't know how far it goes, we turned back after a few miles.

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