Colorado wildflowers



Butler Gulch
Arapahoe National Forest

July, 2007

Elevation: 10,400 - 11,640

Wildflowers found on this hike

alpine stream

A second visit to a great hike. This time it was not raining, so we went further than last time. The trail passes through a coniferous forest with side trails to meadows along a stream. These damp meadows are covered with a wide variety of flowers. The trail is fairly flat until it reaches the base of a long narrow cascade. Then it climbs rapidly to a high basin just above treeline. Here I found more varieties of wildflowers in the open meadow, and still more along the banks of the stream.

alpine pathestunted trees
mountain viewcascade
viewyellow and purple flowere
flowers in a streamalpine meadow wildflowers
path through streamtiny water fall
cascademarshy stream banks
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