Colorado wildflowers



Herman Gulch

July, 2008

Elevation: 10,400 to 12,000 feet

Wildflowers found on this hike

Herman Lake

This is a steep trail that starts from I-70 and winds up at a mountain lake 3.5 miles later. The trail starts with a short stretch through pines. Then it follows a stream upward through a series of mountain meadows. The meadows are colorful with wildflowers in July. The columbine are the most showy, and the ones that get the most attention. I found over 50 other species that I could identify, and half a dozen that I could not. The trail crosses numerous rivulets on its way. Look in the damp banks of these for bog orchids.

Field of wildflowersFlowers along the trail
Path through mountain meadowView of the peaks
View of the peaksview of the mountain
rivulet by the trailthe stream the path follows
the stream the path followstrees near tree line
view of the valleymountain view
mountain view
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