Colorado wildflowers



Rattlesnake Gulch Trail
El Dorado Canyon State Park

July, 2006

Wildflowers found on this hike


This is a steep trail leading up the side of the mountain along a gulch. There are some hotel ruins near, but not at, the top. That is where we stopped and turned back. It was a hot day and we were out of water. Along the trail there are views across the valley, and if you have good eyes you can see the rock climbers. We saw many wildflowers and many butterflies and other pollinating insects. We noticed that each specie of insect had its own favorite flower to visit.

butterflylooking up Rattlesnake Gulch
Rocky skyline with pine treeThe stream in Eldorado Canyon
trail up Rattlesnake GulchTrees clinging to a rocky cliff
view from Rattlesnake Gulch trail
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