Colorado wildflowers



Butler Gulch
Arapahoe National Forest

August, 2006

Elevation: 10,400 - 11,640 ft

Wildflowers found on this hike

a medley of wildflowers

One hiking guide, Colorado's Best Wildflower Hikes, claims that more than one hundred species of wildflowers can be found on this hike. It was chilly the day we hiked, and started to rain when we had walked only about two of the five miles of the hike, so we turned back. Still, I photographed almost fifty different species, and identified almost half! Not all of the images were suitable for including on this website. I need to get better at focusing at short distances.

flowers growing by the streamharebells or bluebells
larkspurButler Gulch path
stream flowing over rocksview from Butler Gulch trail
white flowers and asters
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